Women’s Protection Units” (YPJ) in Rojava (Northern Syria) are well-known for actively fighting against Isis. As a Middle-Eastern woman, I found their battle very inspiring. Since most of them come from Kurdistan, I became curious about the current situation of Kurdish women. Why these strong women fight?

To seek answers, I have traveled to Kurdistan and reached Kurdish women. Through travel and living experience, I realized that the lack of social and economic freedom, as a result of systematic gender inequality, patriarchal society, central governments’ assimilative approach, and the religious and taboo driven culture, oppresses Kurdish women every day. 

 My story that started in Irani Kurdistan in March 2017, and later in Iraqi Kurdistan, attempts to portray Kurdish women’s oppression by three main elements: Resistance, by capturing them confronting limiting circumstances. Solitude, by representing them alone or in small groups. And, social exclusion, by showing their living situations. I am currently based in Mariwan and looking forward to continuing this project further.