The World Cup happens within the intersection of all I hate politically: ‘Flags’ that separate us by symbols, ‘Nation-States’ that define our happiness to own and rule over us, ‘Nationalism’ that deceives us with a fake identity, ‘Global Capitalism’ that runs the show to exploit us, ‘Corrupt FIFA’ that bribes our naïve hope in international institutions, ‘State of Exception’ that feeds totalitarian governments, ‘Sexism’ that marginalizes half of the population on the public space, ‘Mass Media’ that quantifies, forms, and sells our attention… . And we get to perform our biggest street celebrations on such disgusting embodiments of all these cruel moments. And how do I know I have also become a subjugated body and highly depoliticized? I also “celebrate” and “want” “my” “national” team to “win.”
Text By: Navid Yousefian